Dear Zeepiners,

Here is what we are going to focus on in 2020:

1. Continued efforts on infrastructure optimization

Zeepin’s core development team, ZEECHAIN, will continue to work on the development and deployment of smart contract as well as construction of API call standards. With all these efforts, we believe we can provide our uses a more user-friendly public chain compliant with regulations.

Zeepin Chain

· Improved the performance of transaction pool

· Optimized the communication between consensus nodes

· More tests will be carried out soon on the above-mentioned improvements

· Development continues as planned in order for…

Dear Zeepiners,

Happy new year to all!

We’d like to share the progress made during the past 2019 and what you can expect from Zeepin in the year 2020.

Progress in 2019:

Continued efforts made to optimize Zeepin Chain, including:

-Zeepin MainNet proves to be more stable and efficient

- Enabling of a highly fault-tolerant system

-TPS performance is improved

-Payment methods added

-XZUSD is integrated to Zeepin Chain for user transaction

-Connect ZUSD smart contract to ETH, BTC, OMNI network

-Allow fiat currency to be used for deposit to purchase ZUSD via Paypal


- Used to be incubated…

Dear Zeepiners,

Over the course of the past 1 and half years, we are glad to have witnessed impressive accomplishments made by CryptoGalaxy. CryptoGalxy has never failed to amaze both its players and Zeepin with rounds of accomplishments and the ceaseless efforts to try new things. It has gained popularity with a fast-growing number of players since its official debut in 2018. From CryptoGalaxy 1.0 to current CryptoGalaxy 2.1.1, it has evolved into a truly decentralized game and continued to polish up and introduce new features.

Going forward, Zeepin will be entirely focusing on unfinished promise of delivering ZeeSeries dApp…

Dear space explorers,

CryptoGalaxy is a blockchain-based virtual universe filled with unique planets that are currently worth more than $1500, minerals and robots that players can use to collect valuable assets on a daily basis.

📲 Download and start playing CryptoGalaxy:

CryptoGalaxy 2.1.1. is now live and ready for download. We have done several adjustments for a more friendly and playable user experience!

What is new?

✅ New player Welcome pack for only 1.99 ZUSD (includes a GalaBot, Gold exploration card, 50 glore, 25 sapphire and 12 beryl)

✅ Added BTC, ETH, USDT to xzusd payment gateway

✅ Each…

Dear Zeepiners,

2019 is the year that all dApps stated in roadmap are soon to make the official debut one by one and ZEEX-series dApps are under development as well. Thanks to the dev team’s tireless dedication, a number of monumental accomplishments took place: a brand-new public chain, WASM VM, SDK, the CryptoGalaxy,, GalaxyPlay dApp and so on.

“My team is always motivated to go the extra mile to manage the tripled workload, that’s why we’ve witnessed such progress ,” Mr. Zhu Fei said.

Going forward, ZEEPIN will focus on the promotion of those ecosystem projects to reach out…

Dear Zeepiners,

By the 10th of July, Zeepin Foundation will complete the snapshots for each month in the past Q2 and distribute the incentive rewards in ZPT and Gala for the Galaxy Node mortgages.

In the third quarter, zee series dApps will continue to be launched along with the dApp distribution platform in Galaxy.One sub-ecosystem — Galaxy Play. It is promising that Zeepin Chain will achieve continuous breakthrough in TPS. …

Planet Pieces Hunt

Dear Space Explorers,

After a lapse of 2 months, CryptoGalxay is now updated to the new version 2.0.9, with bringing you a brand new journey of CryptoGalaxy space exploration. Let's dig into the new features and changelogs!

Interface Update

➤ Added notification for the whole Galaxy network: Announcing high-quality rewards from launching spaceship explorations.

➤ Added system notification: Official announcements and big news.

About Survivor:

Survivor is an online idle game powered by blockchain while containing a loot-drop system. As a Galaxy- themed game with intuitive design and eye-catching background, each player owns a number of “Spacemen” who can land on any planet that may take his/her fancy. You can land on more than one planets. But first of all, make sure you carry enough “Gala” to fuel your spacemen (1 Gala represents 1 spaceman)!The moment you step inside the world of Survivor, a battle begins with alien’s attempts to destroy planets and ends with only planet to be left. …

Dear Zeepiners,

Thank you all for the constant support for us!

In order to achieve heightened stability and smoother user experience, a major upgrade will be made to ZeeWallet that that can allow YOU the full control over your assets. As such, current ZeeWallet will not be able to be accessed from June 18, 2019 for this upgrade.

Estimated period: 2–3 weeks, one week fortechnical upgrades, the rest for security test and a small-scale community test.

When all goes with well and fully tested, ZeeWallet V.4.0 …


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