Dear Zeepiners:

Since the day of Dec.1st, 2017, when Zeepin announced its plan to launch ICO, over 30000 users from 160 countries have registered through our KYC with the desire of further participation in Zeepin Community — Currently we’ve got 43000+ followers on twitter and 28500+ members on telegram.

Although we are glad to see a growing number of users in request for participation in Zeepin ICO, the huge amount of tokens they planned to invest is surprisingly beyond our expectation. For the sake of a rather healthy ecosystem in the future with better circulation of ZPT through our multiple dApps, Zeepin will adjust the individual cap, so that more users can get involved in our ICO and be part of our Zeepin community.

Rules for Zeepin ICO participation

1. ICO information:

Pre-sale: Jan 18th- 19th, 2018

Crowdsale: Jan 20th- 29th, 2018

Token Accepted: NEO/BTC/ETH

ICO amount: 500.000.000ZPT

2. Soft cap:

USD 12.6m

3. Hard cap:

USD42m (if 1NEO<=100USD) or 420,000NEO (if 1NEO >100USD)

*Including NEO/BTC/ETH

Hard cap shall be calculated on the average market price of each kind of token on Jan 17, 2018 instead of real-time price during ICO.

4. ICO period

5. Conversion rate will be released according to the timeslot below:

NEO:ZPT Jan. 17th 1:00PM(UTC)

BTC:ZPT Jan.18th 10:00am (UTC)

ETH:ZPT Jan.18th 10:00am (UTC)

You can refer to this link for more details upon how to partipate in Zeepin ICO:

Please be noted

1. Given the excessive number of users that are in application or have already passed the KYC, please make sure the amount of tokens you will distribute are within the individual cap.

For the amount above the individual cap, it will be refunded to your wallet within 15 days.

KYC website:

KYC Instruction:

2. Please be aware that KYC will shut down at 1:00 pm(UTC) on Jan.16th. Zeepin ICO is only open to users who passed KYC.

Please note: Put the exact number of token(s) that you want to invest during the ICO. You are not allowed to alter your information after 1:00 pm(UTC) Jan.16th.

It’s Zeepin’s vision and goal to revolutionize the creative industries through the power of blockchain technology. It is going to be a decentralized innovation community for protection, transaction and crowdfunding through the entire value chain. ICO is just a beginning and Zeepin will develop more awesome dApps for your needs!

Thanks for all your trust and support!

Zeepin Foundation