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Dear CryptoGalaxy space explorers,

The long-awaited CryptoGalaxy 2.0 is now live and ready for download. It presents a space journey like you have never experienced before.

Not only will you completely control your piece of the universe, you will now be able to interact with other explorers in many different ways through a brand new UI that will make your journey even more pleasing.

We will continue to improve the UI and UX following this release. We strongly encourage users to submit their feedback and help us identify potential areas of improvement. You can submit your feedback to or send it directly to one of our admins in Telegram group.

Important: CryptoGalaxy 2.0 is now a complete blockchain game. Meaning that all your asset and account information is no longer stored in a traditional database but is saved directly on the blockchain. Any loss of account credentials and assets cannot be reverted and it is the responsibility of each user to protect it. To avoid losing access to your account in case your device is lost or stolen, save your keystore, private key and password safely.

Let's dig into the unknown and discover what is new in this infinite space:

Decentralized account system

You are now in full control and completely own your part of space. Once in control, you can easily import the account on several devices and other upcoming Zeepin applications, including ZeeWallet. You can now freely transact with all the assets in your wallet

There are 3 scenarios for generating your own set of private key and keystore:

- If you are an old CryptoGalaxy player, all you need to do is migrate your old account by using email and password. This process will only be done once.

- If you are new to CryptoGalaxy but already have a ZeeWallet, you can easily import the ZeeWallet private key or Keystore and use it within CryptoGalaxy.

-If you are completely new to Zeepin, you can create a new wallet, directly in the game.

Make sure to carefully save your backup information (private key, keystore) as you will need it to access the account on other devices, or use it to restore your account in case your phone is destroyed or replaced. Please do not close CryptoGalaxy while migrating your old account as it can lead to loss of account access.

Buy game credit with Paypal using XZUSD payment system

Using XZUSD service developed by our team, players can now purchase a so-called »Game credit« — ZUSD using Paypal. BTC, ETH, and other tokens will be introduced in the next phase of development. With this new feature, we will greatly reduce the hassle of buying tokens on exchange for players and will provide with an easy system to top-up your space wallet.

ZUSD can then be converted to Gala with the ExCharge service within the game instantly with a conversion rate of 1 ZUSD = 500 Gala. This ratio will eventually be changed, once Gala is listed on an exchange.

Tokenization of minerals, planets and diggers

All the assets in CG are now tokenized and can be traced on our blockchain explorer, ZeeScan. This includes minerals, diggers, items, and planets. Each of those tokens have a specific contract address, where you can check their total and circulating supply.

Note: Basic GalaBot is not a blockchain asset and thus does not appear in ZeeScan.

With this modification, you now completely own all of the assets from your space exploration, in and outside of the game. Game assets are now yours in real life too!

You can now check the total supply of each asset by visiting their contract address —

The mineral release is controlled by a smart contract and will release a new batch to the game every 2400 blocks and can be modified to meet the demand if needed. The rarity and value of each mineral is represented by its total supply, higher the total supply, lower the value and rarity.

New items

CryptoGalaxy 2.0 introduces a variety of new items that can be purchased using ZUSD, Gala or can be discovered by exploring the space with your spaceship. To see what each item can be used for, find it in the Bazaar section of our DEX and click on their icon.

Once purchased, items will appear in Magicart, your personal item space-bag where they can be stored and used.

Force — fuel for robots / new digging mechanism

All robots now require Force to operate. Force is a mysterious chemical compound that powers the robots. Force appears on the main planet screen every 30 seconds, you can catch it by clicking on it. Each player has a basic 6 grid room for force that will last for 6 hours. Once all the force is used, your robots will stop digging so make sure you keep an eye on the force level and try to capture it everytime you see it.

There is also a slight change in mineral digging. To claim the dug minerals, you need to wait for the robot to fill up and then go to the »Robot« section. Click on the red dot to empty the robot and claim the minerals.


To allow a free trading mechanism of space assets, we are introducing the first version of our CryptoGalaxy DEX where you can trade minerals, planets, robots and items with other space explorers. More and more pairs and options will be added to DEX in the next phase, including an »Auction« option.

Each item listed for sale will be automatically removed from the list after 72 hours to ensure a better visual experience for all explorers.

Own up to 9 robots

You can now own more than 3 robots. You can only buy 1 of each robots directly from the system, but can purchase more of them from other players and use them to dig even more minerals at the same time. Each player can now own up to 9 robots.

Planet search function in Discover

When looking for a planet to deploy your diggers on, you can now search a specific planet or player to easily find it among the hundreds of already owned planets. You need to type the exact name of the planet or player to make it work. No more endless scrolling to find a planet you are looking for.

Promote your planet

If your planet is lacking diggers, you can now promote it on top of the »Discover« section. Simply choose a planet you want to promote, select the promotion duration, pay the fee and show your planet to thousands of space explorers instantly.


Since all of the assets are now published on-chain, each transaction will need to spend a certain amount of Gala to pay for the system fee. When listing an asset for sale in p2p DEX, 10 Gala will be charged to your account to cover all the smart contract and tx related fees. Each launch of space ship will also require payment of 2 Gala fee. When item is successfully sold via Player Store, system will charge 0.25% to 0.5% commission to compensate for mining TX costs and smart contract deployment.

Leaderboard changes

We expanded the leaderboard to not only show the most »successfull« countries, but also to show the most active explorers, providing a great foundation for future weekly competitions and campaigns.

Planet technology level adjustment

To simplify the planet technology upgrades, planets now only have a universal technology upgrade system. Each planet can now upgrade the overall level by simply upgrading the technology as a whole, instead of upgrading a single mineral yield. All planets and robots can be upgraded up to level[r1] 80.

All planets with upgraded technology are adjusted to the new system, using the following calculation:

Glore level / 4 + Berly level / 2 + Sapphire level = NEW LEVEL

Example: My current planet technology levels are as follows:

- Glore level: 5

- Beryl level: 7

- Sapphire: 4

Conversion to new system: 5/4 + 7/2 + 4 = 1,25 + 3,5 + 4 = 8,75

Since the calculation is 8,75, system will round up the level and your planet technology is now 9.

Features to come

You will notice several new icons, such as GalaChat, Gene Incubator, Elf training and others. Those functions will be developed in cooperation with community teams and will be presented in more details in the following weeks. If you are interested in development of those features, give us a shoutout.

Due to a very high number of new features, we would like to collect all of your questions regarding the update and answer them in a separate article. Please submit your questions through this Google Sheet:

If you encounter any bugs, please report them to one of our admins in Telegram or send it directly to You can also submit the feedback to our Trello board:

Happy exploration!










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