Follow your heart — do whatever you want to do!

-Zeepin helps you to make your dream come true

As a designer, are you a little bit tired of doing all the jobs only to meet the demands of your clients? You are a creator, but your can’t give your creativity into full play.

Is it possible to present your idea to the world and impress the world by your own innovative design?

If you want to carry out a creative project, a professional team shall be formed to play their parts in designing, singling out proper materials and qualified manufactures for production, marketing and sales. How can you make it in a cost-effective way?

Are you unhappy with costly commission for the middle-men’s service?

How can you have access to lightweight transaction?

Good news is that all these annoying issues can be overcome by Zeepin!

Zeepin has invented the world’s first creative ecosystem with multiple dApps, in a move that will provide IP protection, digital-asset insurance on blockchain, designing service, new company registration and crowdfunding. It’s Zeepin’s aim to seamlessly connect to the global resource and bring smart work and creative life to people all over the world!

What is Zeepin?

Copyright Office on Blockchain

Borderless Creative Team

Decentralized Design Interconnection Platform

Decentralized “Kickstarter”

Zeepin, a smart economy in creative industries, is trying to build an ecosystem of multiple dApps that are fueled by Zeepin Tokens.

ZeeCrew –Borderless Creative Teams

ZeeRights — Blockchain Copyright “Bureau” and Transaction Market

ZeeCreate — Disintermediated Innovation Platform

ZeeSure — Copyright Insurance Service

ZeeFund — Decentralized Kickstarter

Smart work, creative life!

Join Zeepin and become part of the community. Embrace the challenge with creativity!

Zeepin Foundation