Important notice for Zeepin Masternode — Galaxy Node candidates

Nov 22, 2018 · 2 min read


The first round of selection will officially finish on November 29th, 6PM Beijing time. At that time, a snapshot of ZPT in mortgage + votes will be made and will determine the round 1 Consensus nodes and Candidate nodes.

After November 29th, we will help the Node operators to set up the needed software and will launch the first cycle of community node operation once all the nodes are set-up. We will make a formal announcement about the start time of the first cycle of node operation.

Balance Snapshot (mortgage + votes)

After the end of each voting cycle, we will make a snapshot of ZPT balance at node contracts to determine the Consensus and Candidate nodes and to calculate the rewards for the next cycle.

Example: At the time of the snapshot on Nov 29th, your node had 1,5 million ZPT in total (mortgage + votes). This will be used to calculate the Zeepin Foundation compensation part for your node in December and to determine your rank on the node list.

Snapshot will be made at the end of each cycle and will determine the compensation reward for the next cycle.

Important Step

Each person applying for Galaxy Node should contact our team to conduct a simple KYC and to discuss the procedure of setting up their Galaxy Node.

After November 29th, we will help all the candidates to set-up a server and install the appropriate software. Simple KYC will also be done through email.

All who applied for Galaxy Node should send an email to before Nov 30th with the following information:

  • Full name,
  • Address
  • Copy of your Passport or ID card
  • Node lockup address
  • Emergency contact information (phone number, Skype, Telegram username…)
  • The hardware of choice (which VS did you choose)

In order to help us start with the first cycle of node operations, please send us an email with the information above before November 30th.

Minimum hardware requirements for consensus and candidate node:

  • CPU: 4 core
  • Memory: 16Gb +
  • Local storage: SSD 500Gb +
  • Network: 2Gbps

Recommended VS rent services:

In case you haven't applied for a node yet, but would like to, follow the instructions here.

For more questions related to Galaxy Nodes send an email to or send Anze a message in Telegram (Anze Noc )

We would like to thank all the candidates so far and are hoping more will join us in the week to come.






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