ZEEPIN CHAIN Announcement — Native Assets Unlock and Distribution

Jul 12 · 3 min read

Dear Zeepiners,

2019 is the year that all dApps stated in roadmap are soon to make the official debut one by one and ZEEX-series dApps are under development as well. Thanks to the dev team’s tireless dedication, a number of monumental accomplishments took place: a brand-new public chain, WASM VM, SDK, the CryptoGalaxy, Galaxy.one(sub-ecosystem), GalaxyPlay dApp and so on.

“My team is always motivated to go the extra mile to manage the tripled workload, that’s why we’ve witnessed such progress ,” Mr. Zhu Fei said.

Going forward, ZEEPIN will focus on the promotion of those ecosystem projects to reach out to our potential users, such as creators, designers, those who are always there to support Zeepin community, institutional partners and other important strategic partners. By unlocking and distributing a decent amount of ZPT and Gala to them which is explicitly defined as “Community development fund” in the white paper, we have every reason to believe this will lead to a higher level of activities on chain while boosting the circulation and usage of ZPT and Gala.

Here is the plan:

The amount of ZPT and Gala to be unlocked: 10% of the total supply

When:15th July, 2019

How we use them: All unlocked will be used for further development and construction of ZEEPIN ecosystem, including incentivisation for mass adoption, strategic investment, and optimization of trading experience.

Where the unlocked goes: All unlocked goes to the multisig wallet: Zat8sJpWEvEyNv9zEwjC7vmjEGhAiYvmoS

ZEEPIN FOUNDATION will disclose to the community in details, concerning the usage of the unlocked ZPT and Gala on a regular basis.

The issuance and circulation of ZPT and Gala:

You can find all information you need with regard to the economic model, Gala unlocking model and the distribution of ZPT and Gala in Clause 7.2–7.3 under Zeepin Chain white paper.


Total supply and distribution of ZPT

The native token for Zeepin Chain (ZPT) is the infrastructure of the decentralised community. It is a functional utility token which can be utilised on the Zeepin Platform as a unit of exchange for valuable products / services provided in the ecosystem on Zeepin Platform. Besides, it serves to incentivise participants who help to grow Zeepin community and sustain sound operation of the ecosystem of Zeepin Platform.

Total supply of ZPT — 1 billion:

  • R&D Foundation: 0.1 billion (locked)
  • Founding team: 0.2 billion (locked)
  • Community development: 0.2 billion (0.1 billion to be released soon, the rest remains locked)
  • Crowdfunding: 0.5 billion (completed)

Total supply and distribution of Gala — 100billion:

  • Gala Foundation: 50 billion (locked)
  • Community development: 30 billion (10 billion unlocked)
  • Distribution to ZPT early holders: 2 billion (completed)
  • Unlocking to ZPT holders by year: 18 billion (locked amount: 17.366 billion)

Thanks for your support!



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Discord: https://discord.gg/YcPhNXC


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CryptoGalaxyOne/


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