Product Development


“User Center” function development completed

“Uploading works” and “copyright registration” functions completed

“Work display” in transaction market function completed

“Personal Center” (My copyright, My profile, Messages, etc.) progressing smoothly


Internal test completed; modifications confirmed and under improvement according to received feedback from beta testers.

Operation Progress

1. CryptoGalaxy has been active for four weeks with 160 planets in total released so far. This public beta version has so far attracted over 3700 explorers from 100 countries. 290,000 Gala tokens have been generated.

2. ZeeRights Community Operation project has been established.

After the Design Beijing forum “Redesign the Future” co-produced by Zeepin, Zhu Fei, the CEO and founder of Zeepin, was interviewed by several major Chinese video media companies (Tencent, iQiyi and Sohu). He talked about how the creative ecosystem has been upgraded to facilitate the conversion and circulation of creative value.

Zeepin founder and CEO Zhu Fei at Design Beijing forum
Term Explanation


A wallet dApp that will help users to manage the keys of their digital assets in Zeepin ecosystem — applicable to ZPT and GALA. Users can complete transactions and acquire market news feed through ZeeWallet. In the future updates, it will be able to interact with more Zeepin dApps and provide smarter, more convenient and transparent management service of digital assets.

ZeeWallet UI design

Why there are two chains in Zeepin ecosystem?

In the future, Zeepin will be running on two cooperating chains. One is Zeepin Chain (Consortium blockchain), the other is Galaxy Chain (Public blockchain). Double-chain model is designed to support the large amount of scene applications of cultural and creative industry to ensure the efficient functioning of multiple dApps.

Two chains with different functions:

Zeepin Chain is a consortium chain based on underlying technology with tailored development provided by Zeepin and Ontology. Many ecology partners will join and unite to build the creative ecosystem in the future. The dApps and contracts in Zeepin ecosystem will run on this chain.

Galaxy Chain is a public chain in Zeepin ecosystem. CryptoGalaxy is the first pan-entertainment dApp on Galaxy Chain. Users are not only gaming for fun but also for gaining actual profits. In the future, transactions and asset contracts of ZPT and GALA in Zeepin ecosystem will be operating on this Chain.

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