7 Ways Salesforce Forms Can Give You Better Business

source: hometeamconsulting.com

Salesforce forms are referred to forms integrated with the Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce leads the cloud computing industry having applications for the business operations such as Customer Relationship Management.

To integrate your forms with Salesforce, consider the following requirements.

  • A Form Builder application used to create online forms
  • A Salesforce integration system that helps you integrate your forms with Salesforce

Imagine …

You have a system that combines both features; creation of online forms and provision of salesforce integration feature.

Let me tell you a secret … Seriously.

Online form builder applications provide both features. They help you create your forms, as well as integrate them with the Salesforce.

Think about the Catch

What’s the purpose of the Salesforce integration? How can you create online forms, and integrate them with the Salesforce? What benefits integration provides for your business?

Promise. You want it for improving your business productivity.

Without further ado, keep reading for the best parts.

1. Purpose of the Salesforce Integration

To make most out of your forms, Salesforce integration automates business routines. This is why you and I, create forms and integrate them with Salesforce.

As you know, Salesforce CRM provides applications for the business aspects; such as Automation. To clarify things properly and give you a simple understanding of the salesforce integration; give these facts a read.

  • Bi-Directional Data transmission between your forms and Salesforce account
  • Integration features ensure data correction
  • Seamless workflows automate different things, along with Accuracy
  • Faster Access to data. Data collected with Salesforce integration is easily accessible, almost instantly.
  • Salesforce integration helps you match shipments and shippers in real time, in case of an online shopping platform.
  • Users with forms and Salesforce can accept online payments. Most of the times, your form builder application provides payment integration options.
  • Let’s learn more about salesforce integration features and benefits.

2. Create your Online Forms

You need a Form Builder application to create your forms. You can pick the one from these apps.

You should choose the one that provides salesforce integration. By using a single application, you can create and integrate your forms with salesforce CRM.

There are many form builder applications, but try the one that provides features for a beginner; such as drag and drop interface, responsive designing, security and third party apps integration.

3. Integrate your Forms with Salesforce (salesforce integration)

Not all form builder applications provide salesforce integration feature. Things apart, the first step is to choose one that provides both features; creation of forms and salesforce integration.

I personally think, FormTitan covers both aspects; Form creation and Salesforce integration. To expand your knowledge about FormTitan and integration, these points matter.

  • Multiple Objects help you read and write data with salesforce objects.
  • Bi-Directional Data reading and writing, called get and push respectively.
  • Attractive form designs, themes and templates give your forms stunning layout.
  • Conditional logic that makes your forms smarter.
  • Payment integration to sell your digital products and services. Create forms, integrate payment feature and accept online transactions.
  • Online forms need security, data validation and sharing. These features are important because of building your team work platform.

4. Benefits of Salesforce Forms for the Business

Integration with 3rd party applications provides seamless experience. As the Salesforce Integration plays a vital role in carrying out business routines, let’s discuss the top 7 ways salesforce forms give you a better business.

  1. Cloud Computing helps you perform operations on cloud storage. The Salesforce provides different services based on various criteria needs. After you create your forms, you can integrate your forms with salesforce; and take benefits from the Salesforce cloud services including customer management and analytics.
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce predicts and recommends the best approaches to connect with customers. Salesforce is smart, and you can build strong relationships by using machine algorithms.
  3. Increase Productivity with custom applications. By creating forms having different fields, salesforce integration helps you read and write data between the form fields and salesforce objects.
  4. Automate Tasks such as selling products and payment collection. As discussed above, you can choose the FormTitan form builder application that provides payment integration feature in forms you create.
  5. Dynamic Population allows searching the salesforce objects in real time. This process helps you seamlessly populate data into form fields and tables. The Salesforce Get and Push options are used for reading and writing data between salesforce account and form fields.
  6. Conditional Logic features narrow down data collection. You can achieve field dependencies with conditional logic features, helping you accept data on the basis of a condition or another field value.
  7. Build a Team that shares the same resources; especially the salesforce forms. The form builder application you use provides sharing the forms with other team members. This way, you can increase productivity.


Data collection is important.

You collect data with forms. Forms help you create fields and collect smart data on the go. For this purpose, form builder applications help you create your forms.

But if you deal with large data, you have the challenge to manage that data, properly.

That’s where the Salesforce comes in the game. When forms are integrated with the Salesforce, to automate and manage our data properly, we call it the Salesforce integration.

As discussed above, form builder applications provide creation of forms, as well as features to integrate your forms with salesforce.

So, you can achieve different kinds of automation features by integrating your forms with salesforce CRM.

You need the following action steps.

  • Select a robust form builder application that provides salesforce integration.
  • Create your forms, integrate with salesforce, and play around features that help you increase your business productivity.

Last but not the least, of course; if you prefer to work as a team; share your forms with others. As sharing helps you manage your team members by tasks, you can control time, increase productivity, and build seamless workflows by joining different skills on the table.

Also, after you build your workflows, you should think about exploring the systems. I mean, try out features of the form builder and salesforce systems such as payment integration, creating smart forms with conditions, and features that increase your health in customer relationship management.