Businesses Use Online Forms for These Five Reasons



Your business is a startup. You need everything, from building things to manage them properly.

You need people, technical people, and their data as well. Also, you need customers. Before you think about these facts, you need a system, a system that can handle things properly, automatically and seamlessly, on the go.

Online Forms, in the said criteria, cover your story. They cover your business startup needs, from collecting data to manage, automate and enhance your customer information.

But let me tell you one thing. We need to spot out business requirements, first.

Businesses need …

  1. The use of computers, digital trends and apps for carrying out operations such as data collection.
  2. Customer relationships. After capturing data, the process of contacting the prospects starts.
  3. Sales influence reach out campaigns. Finding people(s) that support your startup in the start is mandatory.
  4. Feedback and response management. This requires a system that can handle your data, and apply routines to manage your startup feedback and responses.
  5. Financial needs. Absolutely perfect. Calculating expense, invoices and revenue management. These are the back bones of any business, offline or online, both.

Here is the catch …

We defined the idea, requirements and criteria of a business, online business. Straight forward, I am jumping towards defining the top five reasons, or ways a business can use online forms. You can get the idea, implement and gain the objectives with online forms, this is a serious business.

1. Beat the Manual Paper Forms


This is the age of digital trends. Every task has been digitized. That means there are the apps for every task.

We have a challenge of collecting data from the users, customers and relevant people. In the past, we used paper forms for the said purpose.

Things have changed.

Online forms help you collect data from the people. These forms provide options to manage data as well. The basic features include creating a form, settings and sharing forms for collecting data. Online form builders play well for the said purpose; used to create forms, apply settings and make them available for the use.

2. Enhance Customer Relationships


Things apart, let me tell you a secret.

You collect data by using online forms, that’s their purpose right. The next step becomes dealing with that data, properly.

Now, there are two cases. You, manually deal with the data or use a system that helps you manage the data. As the data contain(s) customer information, you need operations such as contacting customers, sending out welcome messages and taking surveys.

One thing. Use a customer relationship management system such as Salesforce. Your form builder helps you integrate your forms with a Salesforce account. After that, you can create work flows to manage and automate your business tasks.

3. Gather Accurate Data


A Form builder application is called a Web Application, and the fact is “web applications are smart”.

If I call a Form, a collection of required fields; you are fine and agree with me, right.

When you create your form, you define different fields. A field collects a value from the user. Your form holds collection of relevant fields such as Name, Father name, Occupation, Age, Email and Description for the moment.

The best part comes. You can define rules for the form fields. Rules are smart, and help you gather accurate data; by carrying out validation on the entered field values.

4. Automation Rocks


There is a beauty of eCommerce solutions. Automation.

Imagine one thing, and I promise your pleasure.

Once you collect your customer data, you need automation for several reasons. A business, a startup or grown up; requires contacting their customers, sending out sales emails or carrying out surveys.

This is not a manual routine, I believe. You need automation, but the best part comes in the fact of different integration systems. There are the systems that help you automate such tasks, without manual interruption, seamlessly.

For the purpose, you can use the Salesforce, Aweber for Email Marketing, Sales Funnel Automation or Zapier for more integration.

5. Lead Capturing


I love it, seriously.

Leads are powerful favors. A Lead is a person’s contact, we can use for the later use. Email address for the moment.

As online forms are made for data collection. Once you collect data, you can send or perform specific operations on specific field data like Email.

Mostly, businesses save email addresses for the later use. They automate this routine, indeed.

When you create your form, you integrate your form with a system that receives your email address. Aweber, Mail chimp or Get Response are the shiny examples for the purpose.

These are the Email marketing tools. Also, they serve the best role in providing forms that collect leads for you, and of course; that’s the point of interest.


Be aware. I am going to write a list of facts in conclusion.

You have a startup business. You need the following things.

  1. A way or tool to create online forms.
  2. Managing of captured data, the data your forms collect.
  3. Accuracy. You need to collect accurate data.
  4. Automation, of course. Business needs automation; from collecting data to sending out sales emails, welcome messages and feedback responses.
  5. Giving a try to final sales process. After you collect leads, the next step is the sales automation.

Here are the action steps for the process above.

  1. Online form builder application helps you create, design and share your forms. For the purpose, you make use of the FormTitan, Formsite or Zoho Forms. All of these tools help you perform the basic operations as well as advanced ones, such as field data validation, multi page forms and using of conditional logic.
  2. Manage your data by 3rd party apps integration. Those applications include Zapier and Salesforce for the purpose. They are used for creating a work flow of the business routines, awesome.
  3. Accurate Data collection helps you keep your system clean, and work flow correct. You can apply field validation on your form fields. It helps you validate your data on collection.
  4. To automate things after collecting data, 3rd party applications play a vital role. As we discussed, Zapier is the top industry leading application for the purpose, Salesforce as well.
  5. Lead capturing with forms integrated with email marketing tools such as Aweber and Get Response. You can sign up for the Aweber or Mail chimp, create your lead capturing forms in minutes and collect leads on the go.

Things are smarter than before.

As a business owner, all of the steps with forms provide value, in terms of form creation, data management, accuracy, automation and lead capturing.