Zeux and NovaDAX launch Europe’s Latest Fiat to Crypto Exchange

Dear Zeuxters,

In the summer, we told you about at a big announcement for Zeux in Q4 2020 and now we are very pleased the time is here where we can tell you about the exciting future that Zeux is going to have.

Over the past year, the Zeux team have been working very hard to bring our European customers a new exciting Crypto Exchange which offers highly competitive rates and low fees. With our close partnership with NovaDAX, we are very excited to announce the launch of NovaDAX, our brand new fiat to crypto trading exchange in Europe.


It is an ever-changing world, with an estimated 1 billion people in self-isolation, the travel industry is slowing down and the financial markets are tumbling despite record levels of stimulus from central governments, so it is no surprise that people have questions about the future of companies, what they are doing to ensure their survival and how they are adapting to this ever-changing world.

Ask Me Anything

On Friday, 3 April 2020 at 2 pm GMT, Frank Zhou, CEO of Zeux, will be giving a 20-minute live update on the Zeux Facebook page on the future of Zeux, updates on the team, technology…

Zeeshan Mallick

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