An informational interview with an Oil field Engineer

Recently I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have an informational interview with Mr. Arslan who is working as an oil field Engineer in Saudi Company “Evergreen” the details of that interview is provided.

Me: Mr. Arslan Thank you very much for providing me your precious time from your busy schedule.

Mr. Arslan: Well, my pleasure.

Me: I would like to start from the beginning how you came to know about that company.

Mr. Arslan: that’s a very interesting story, It was that part of my life which is very difficult in the life of each student that is joblessness time seemed to pass quite slow I was applying for jobs in 5–10 companies every week but got no response. Than one day my younger brother told me about a job advertisement in his University, the job description stated that the company needed some engineers for its Saudi plant. I applied for the job, Luckily I got Interview call and successfully passed the interview and than each step was passed quite carefully.

Me: That’s an interesting story indeed. Mr. Arslan tell us about the life of an oil field engineer.

Mr. Arslan: To be honest nothing is easy in this world. So it is a difficult job indeed.

Me: Can you tell us what is the most difficult part of the job.

Mr. Arslan: Let me tell you the most difficult part is off course living far far away from your family.

Me: So how do you bear it.

Mr. Arslan: Patience (with a smile). The most important thing which you learn only with the passage of time.

Me: So let me ask a difficult question. Do you Love your job?

Mr. Arslan: Oo off course I do. This is my berad and butter.

Me: How difficult it is to live in different country, in a different culture?

Mr. Arslan: Well, we have a large Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia so its not a big deal.

Me: Your advice for young engineers pursuing this field?

Mr. Arslan: The only thing that I would advice them is to learn patience. And that says all.

Me: Mr. Arslan thank you very much once again for your time.