It’s better to be interested or interesting

it’s better to be interested rather than interesting and in order to prove that or in order to develop that skill of being interested in you I do a research on my personal connections.I contacted some of my friends, People with the normal connection, fellows, family members, colleagues.In the conversation with them, i asked a lot of questions about them.I also ended the expectation of their questions about me.Then I have got some amazing results at the end of the study.My communication level, My frankness and the way of my understanding towards these people is increased and developed in a better way.My hesitation vanished.These people know that they are important for me and I do care about them.
I want to tell you a story from Dale Carnegie’s article.
“How to win friends and influence people”
He mentions in his article about Thurston.Thurston was the acknowledged dean of Magicians
He says in his article that he told me that every time he went on stage he said to himself: “I am grateful because these people come to see me, They make it possible for me to make my living in a very agreeable way.
He declared he never stepped in front of the footlights without first saying to himself over and over: “I love my audience. I love my audience”
It means that Thurston was so much interested in his audience and he shows it to his audience by his magical words and it was the secret of his success.
Same is the case with a candidate who is preparing himself for an interview.The best way to prepare him for the interview that he has to do a key research about the company.He has to search about companies’ background, Structure and culture.He has to do a research about the job he is applying for and about his responsibilities because it is the best way to tell or show the recruiter that you love the company, you love the job and you are prepared for the responsibilities.You are prepared for the job and you do your best in your career.Also that you agree on a long term relationship with the company.After that Company considers you as a valid candidate for the job.
These are the best ways for preparation before going to an interview.