1.Khudi and Self Learning

One of the examples of Edhi sb embraces me the most is that Edhi sb have big dreams and he discussed these dreams with his friends.In this example when Edhi sb often tell his dreams to friends then they began to laugh at Edhi sb and they also began to call him “Sheikh Chilli”.
But Edhi sb must know well about his dreams and he knows that one day these will be fulfilled.When they began to laugh at Edhi sb then he never discouraged and smiled back at them and say 
“I can begin small, but why should I think small”
His father told him that the strength of words lies in implementation otherwise, they are meaningless and he often told him that simplicity is the best option for living.
This example of Edhi sb relates to me because I want to appear for the GRE test and I also often talk about to score good marks in the test.When I talk about to score good marks in the test then my friends began to laugh at me but I never discouraged. Now I start the preparation for GRE and also I am confident to score good marks in the test.
This example also relates to khudi and self-learning.Edhi sb recognized himself. he knew himself internally and discover himself.In this recognition, his mother plays very important role.His mother was a kind hearted woman.The implementation of the little deeds made him Abdul Sattar Edhi sb, The founder of the Edhi Foundation.
I like this example but it relates to me and I learned a lot from it.I learned that do the implementation of thoughts and discover yourself.Become a self-learner.

2. #juststart project

I have a goal to achieve full bright scholarship in my life.so I want to prepare GRE test and want to appear for the GRE but due to some financial circumstances and due to the lack of time in my final year I am unable to do it. I want to achieve this because I have interest for further studies and I want to do the masters in engineering management.
The Challenges that I have faced during the preparation of GRE that implementation of the made schedule on time and it is very difficult for me. Because of some parallel activities, it was very difficult for me to start the preparation on time.
My experience was good during the preparation that I do effort and after some days I manage the time and it becomes easy for me to start the project on time.I know my willingness for the preparation is very important that I never discourage.
During my experience of the preparation, another challenge that I faced is laziness.It is also difficult for me to start the project due to the laziness.but after few days I maintain myself 
Due to some exercises, i get rid of the laziness.
I learned a lot during this just start the project that how to over come the laziness and that how to implement the ideas on time.
My next steps are now to start the preparation on time and appear in the next upcoming GRE test.

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