Abdul Sattar Edhi and Amal’s Principles

He exercised amal in his early ages as his practice went on under the directions of his mother. she used to give him 2 paisas and used to ask him to spend one on himself and one to someone else. He always strived to approach a person who is in need. while going through his auto biography i witness an event where he helped the poor man by providing food and dressing at that time he don’t know where his work will lead him, but he put his effort to initiate, i would love to relate one of my life example with edhi shab, while coming back from college i witness an accident it was so terrible, the victim was badly injured i with my friends took him to the hospital, there the victim needed the O+ blood, as we knew it was quite hard to manage O+ blood, i wanted to help this person so i asked doctors to check my blood type, and luckily my blood group is O+ blood so i donated my blood to him, and he recovered soon. And now we are good friends, but after that i donated blood often to make sure that no one die due to shortage of O+blood type.My ambition is to establish a blood donating society to help others now i am currently a member of blood donation society who works for the betterment of people.

#JustStart Project:

As I am to clearly explain my goal that I could not achieved yet. So, this is the platform where I am going to share my problems that I have not discussed before.

With the grace of Allah almighty here I am with my genuine problems.

Losing confidence is my biggest problem because whenever I am interacting or communicating with someone or a couple of people, whom are unknown for me or they are not close to me, me and myself just start talking like

I shall make mistake here.

May be it will go wrong.

I should not talk much they will think I am just showing off

I don’t know the mentality of the person(s) to whom I am talking for the first time.

This communication that just starts up in my mind each time I interact with unknown person as I mentioned above makes me nervous.

So, whenever such kind of indications blinks in my mind I lose confidence first like I become nervous, I feel a fear of things will go wrong etc.

Thus losing of confidence is the disease that does not let me achieve the goals when I am the center of attention among unknown people.

And the same thing happens when I am to communicate with opposite gender.

The environment in which I have done my matriculation and intermediate that wasn’t good enough to develop the personality and communicative abilities. I was not in a environment where I could develop my speaking skills in English. Somehow I want to make my verbal communication better but not worse. As a matter of fact it is necessary for me to get a job!!!!

I started searching about different professional course specially those courses which are based on communication skills. Somehow I joined Amal Academy.

Here I got the direct solution to my problems.

To accomplish my communication with unknowns I thought to follow these three steps.

Feel easy to interact

Coming out from my comfort zone

Eradicate nervousness

My first session in the class room was very good because my teacher asked all of us to interact with the person next to you and then tell the class about what you heard from him/her. I was supposed to talk to a girl next to me. I was hesitating to communicate but when the communication went on it repaired my confidence level and kept me away from losing confidence. And when I spoke to the class to tell what she told me about the given topic. I was really not good that much because blinking of my indications was interrupting me like mistakes , show off , things will go wrong, my attempt to talk to class would not be good etc. But as I was keeping in mind to feel easy to interact I didn’t care whether the interaction would be successful or not I kept myself out of my comfort zone and when I didn’t care of the output I began to become confident.i didn’t achieved it completely yet. but I will keep doing it to accomplish it fully.