An Effective Copywriting Example Ad for Writers

This is an example of an effective sales copy writing for a training offer.

See how it was started، how it was manipulated.

How emotions were used by attacking desires of target user to take an action.

Businesses need copy writers like this to help them capture users.


Johnny is a consultant who tries to do too much in his business.

Johnny makes a decent living but is always tired and burned out and looking for the next silver bullet to make all his client problems go away.

Freddy is a consultant also.

But Freddy knows a thing or two about how to run a client business. Freddy uses paid ads to have potential clients (also known as “prospects”) come to him day and night ;)

Freddy can serve more clients, have more fun, and live a better life than Johnny because he isn’t stressed all the time.

Johnny goes to networking events and spends hours on his website but nobody cares about him because he isn’t marketing the right way. He’s spending the majority of his time on stuff that doesn’t matter…


* Writing blogs
* Learning SEO
* Changing website pages
* ____________
* Getting drunk

Freddy takes Fridays off and can’t remember the last time he worked a weekend, for one simple reason… He doesn’t have to.

One day Freddy learns that he has such control over his business, such a healthy pipeline, such a solid influx of new leads & clients — he can afford to hire the right people to make his business work *for him* and he doesn’t have to work *for his business* anymore.

He’s in Rome right now and his business is still rolling along.

Johnny hasn’t been on a vacation in a decade.

He can’t because his business doesn’t make money unless he’s working.

One day Johnny will be too old to work and then he’ll probably have to beg for food.

Freddy doesn’t have to worry about that though because his business can operate even when he’s not working.

Johnny hates Freddy because he thinks it’s “magic.”

But Freddy has simply learned a thing or two about building client businesses because he watched our webinar.

Want to be like Johnny? Then skip this ad and continue on your way.

Want to get a little bit of what Freddy got? Watch this webinar like Freddy did.

I’m not guaranteeing anything or making promises of profit because some people say they want to be like Freddy but they never do anything. They never put in the hard work required...

They want unicorns & rainbows to come work for them and that’s just not realistic.

But, I am saying that anybody can learn what Freddy learned and live a happy, and fulfilling life if they’re willing to put in the work to implement what we teach.

No pressure though.

Johnny needs some friends so if you decide to be like Johnny, hit him up for dinner.

See you on this training:
[training link]

I’m not an author of this copy writing. I shared this with you to learn from it because this one affected me so it was my experience.

Hope you find it useful.