Are You a Loser Packed inside Personal Branding?

I don’t know if you see the same problem that I see if you are trying to make yourself a personal brand.

Are you wasting your time in crafting social profile headlines, perfecting pitch, checking stats etc?

Why is it so?

Do you have a weakness?

Are you trying to hide something?

Are you trying to avoid focus on what you really should be working on?

Why are you so focused in making yourself a brand?

Is it something that you want to make yourself stand out and control beginners under your flag so that you can be proud of yourself on the top position?

It means that there is at least something that you are hiding.

Why are you so busy in calling yourself so called branded fake personality in order to make yourself stand out from the crowd and then lead a crowd to demand 10x money from them to live within your cave of personal brand?

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