You Are Finding Paying Clients the Wrong Way


If you are a freelancer and not really working toward getting your first 2–3 paying clients then your efforts on website pages, marketing strategies, finalizing services, world record about page history or contact page are likely useless.


Real clients will rarely need to surf your website pages or scroll through your long listed shiny portfolio with mumbo jumbo.

Clients usually don’t come this way.

You have to reach to your clients.

Find out where they are.

They are on social media groups.

They are on forums.

They are on Q&A places.

They are on YouTube channels.

And need a direct shortcut? They are ready to hire and pay on freelancing platforms. (This is where you should be at least)

What are you waitinig for?

Stop spending time on useless stuff, get out of your comfort zone and do the real work.

They are running their own websites with pain.

They have business problems.

They are tired of hiring lousy freelancers.

They need someone reliable.

Are you the one?

Don’t copy/paste generic pitching proposals on freelancing platforms, instead communicate with clients.

And, don’t blindly advertise your services on social media platforms.

People are tired of this stupidity.

It doesn’t really work well. Instead inspire people with your personality and expertise so they will notice and pay attention to you.

But… How do I find my clients?

I use freelancing marketplaces to find clients. No rush, no hard work, no beg, no cheap spam trick and I enjoy working long time with my ideal projects.

How many clients do you need? 100?

Better focus to get one client first.

Need to learn the working techniques?

You can contact me to discuss about personal freelancing training.