Why Clients Don’t Really Need Your Services for What You Believe

What ever technology you learn it doesn't matter.

The question is why should client hire you?

Think about it.

If I will hire you and I am going to invest my money then it means that I am going to decrease my amount.

Let say that I hire you for a $500

What I am getting?

Do you think that I really need a website or an ebook or a YouTube channel management or anything that you have expertise with?

Do you think that I really need those things?

No, I don’t actually need that.

You have to understand if I am making an ebook or a product on an idea or a youtube channel or whatever.

It means that I want to earn money as well or have a desire for a result.

Maybe I am already running a business and I am already working with many different professionals who I am paying too much?

In this case you may automate manual processes with your technology that takes time by many workers and it will help me save expenses and speed up my business operations too.

So there are two two things that you need to understand that either you can help me increase my revenue and earn more money with your services


$500 paid to you, I earn $550 = $50 still a profit

Or you help me reduce my expenses then it will make sense that if I am going to pay you a $500 and you are saving my $1000

It will be like $1000 - $500 = $500 saved

So, I am in advantage by hiring you.

There is one more thing.

Maybe I have an idea with a dream vision and I need someone who I can discuss with, someone as a long term support partner for my idea, available whenever I need, someone who listen to me, understand my dream, need, burning desire and help me reach my destination and achieve my dream with an affordable monthly price.

Why wouldn’t I like to give priority such freelance person?

I have a desire and if you can help me achieve the real result whether it is earn money or reduce expenses.

These are the main core things.

Once you will understand this then you don’t have to focus on what technologies you need to learn or how many technologies you need to learn because you will realize that you need to help in making more money or save expenses.

So try going deeper with your prospect to figure out why they need what they need.

Then you can charge better for your service too.

I don't know how much time it will take you to understand this concept but the truth is other person who you call client is also a human being.

You also want to earn? Isn't it true?

So think at personal level when you want to be a freelancer.

You may have achieved a lot of things in your life but client doesn't care.

What client cares is himself and desired future.

If you master it, you can sell your services 99% better than your peers because they don't know why clients need what they need.

If you can give the real benefit for why clients are investing money then take their money and if you cannot help the real way then you are just like other services providers and you’ll keep competing at their lowest level.