Don’t Focus on What You Don’t Want

Just because you have unlimited desire of what you want that is the reason you are not focused on what you really want.

You are working on X but you are also thinking to do Y and Z.

You are not finishing work on X but you are keep thinking to do Y and Z that you did not even started.

So, whatever you are getting in your head to do rather than focus on what you actually need to do then do one thing.

Pick a paper or mobile or laptop where you can put those extra desires.

You may consider them later on but not now, not at least when you are not done with your current X.

If you are decided on X for now then you have to keep yourself on your major need in order to do consistent steps no matter small or large, everyday so that you can reach to the destination that you originally dreamed about with X.

Stop losing focus from X until it is done or if you are keep thinking about Y or Z then X may not be your actual true desire.

Re-think Your Desire.

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