Why I Don’t Buy from Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan? w/ Bonus Idea Inside

Many business minds are jumping to establish e-commerce online shops yet the seller-buyer quality issue is serious in Pakistan. This one can be taken care by any startup.

Not “all” are same, but majority is doing what I’m explaining below.

WHY I don’t order online from Pakistani stores?


You cannot be 100% sure about the product’s quality (no guarantee)


Most of such sites show misleading discount. Even when there is a 50% off to 90% off, who’s going to sale on loss?

Here they increase product’s price high (more than current market price) then display a DISCOUNT.

And, still sell on higher price. They need to learn from egg, amazon etc.

You can research it on many sites including some so-called best Pakistani’s stores.


You have to pay 100% to take product (without opening/checking), release away the TCS/whatever guy (gone)


Now, get loop inside customer support/refund back (real pain)


Better, go to market, check and buy with warranty. This is what customers prefer too.


Tell me how many online shopping sites are in Pakistan where you can spend money without fear and hassle of after-sale?


Go check in Facebook groups or on pages of online shopping sites the comments/problems from real customers.

Real Case 1: Muhammad Farooq Cheema’s experience.

Will it work? Need Help!

3 years back, in 2015 I ordered my 1st Laptop from most famous Paki website. It took 11 days to reach me. Obviously it was a bad experience.

Later from same platform i ordered a very decent dress shirt. But when shirt arrived, it was of way too low quality. I could have got a better quality shirt from the corner in 1/5th of the price.

Then i changed my source. Ordered another shalwar suit from a very famous brand almost 3 months back & i still didnt get it. Then i simply went to a nearby outlet & purchased what i needed.

See here full post on facebook.


Go ahead and solve this issue by either being a third party service to take care the hassle from customer OR be the ultimate online shopping business owner in Pakistan that can really care the customers.

You will surely get the stream of money if you solve customers’ real problem and they feel safe to buy.