Riches Are in Niches but Don’t Try to Be #1

Listen my web designing brother.

Money is in your title for others.

Give Value or Solve Problems = earn money

As an expert

Not just a designer title

Name yourself

For example; Pixel Perfect Expert

or something like you are the best at

Youtube + Your Contents = be the king in ur area

Here I have placed playlist videos of Dan Lok. Just listen first video.

You will understand what is positioning.

Claim urself #1

by industry or specialty

For example, if you are good at html and css it doesn’t show any value to me.

Make a term or claim a title.

I’m good at Core PHP = do you see any value?

Custom Web Application Expert

See power of word and difference?

Dan Lok in his early age was a copywriter.

He used name = copywriting wiz kid

When he came in salon business..he used

Salon Business Expert

When he made high ticket sales of millions dollars etc

Now he used

King of High Ticket Sales

See his game and confidence?

Guts required

No one will give you such titles easily..

You have to claim and be damn good at that too by experiences behind.

I used Legendary Freelancer for a reason.

Stay where area is empty or people are lazy to claim.

And claim it.

Now a days people are running toward “personal branding” or becoming influencers.

You can make yourself like

Personal Branding Designer for Influencers

or further narrow audience like…

Personal Branding Designer for Web Developers

Personal Branding Designer for Realtors

Personal Branding Designer for Copywriters

So for example my issue is a personal branded website

I’m not good at graphics and designing.

So you can be useful for professional web application developers like me as well.


Basic need for personal branding influence

  • personal name logo
  • branded website design and pages
  • Youtube channel cover images for videos (and management for titles, keywords, description etc)
  • Your FREE value knowledge to others + your premium offer

This is basic need for professionals who are in branding war.

Riches are in Niches.

Be #1 in a niche = category (or sub category)

People will look you like an expert, call for interviews, beg for training, etc.

Let’s take dance example

  • David breakdance
  • Skitzo breakdance
  • Majid breakdance

They are three dancers as you see but with their own specialty within a category = breakdance

But here is one thing..

When you remain unique... you are the ONLY ONE.

When you try to be best, it comes by competition and there can always be race of who is #1 or #2 😎

What is common in

  • Bruce Lee = martial arts
  • Micheal Jackson = dance

Both didn’t try to be best.

They had their own style.

All the rest tried to be best hahaha

They both remain unique.

Got it?

You invent/create with extreme talent = you are the ONLY ONE

You don’t have to compete with others.


You work hard and enjoy your own unique style regardless of what others are doing.

Others wonder how the hell you do what you do but…

So let the world copy you but YOU remain ORIGINAL.

I hope you got the point.

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