We Don’t Just Need Crap VR Games

We don’t really need VR games.

Why cannot you just develop something in the VR that can help VR gamers enjoy fulfilling real emotions?

Don’t you remember when you were a child how did you enjoy cartoons?

Didn’t you wish to be character?


We want to see ourselves in a dream character.

We want to control things in our life.

We want to feel like a Hero.

We want to have freedom.

We want to be like a Warrior.

Why don’t you just create VR games to give feelings, motions with freedom?

Why fps, action etc games like traditional 2d, 3d games?

Make something that can let us truly do things that we cannot actually do in our real life.

Give us dream like experience.

Don’t you know what happens in a lucid dream?

Make something like matrix.

People don’t buy what you create.

People buy for what they want to experience.

Don’t just build another typical shooting game, fighting game etc.

If you need ideas for emotional VR development feel free to reach me.