Wealthy People Are Not Rich and Peaceful

Why aren’t many millionaires and billionaires happy with peaceful heart?

A belief that people with wealth are rich and happy is also false.

I don’t consider all wealthy people in rich category.

As far as mindset and beliefs are concerned to earn money, it is ok for progress in life, but not for unlimited desires like a hungry beggar.

A true rich person is not a prisoner of unlimited materialistic desires.

Poor mindset people with wealth cannot be called rich.

Most of them are hunger of wealth like a beggar whose desires are never fulfilled to have more after more.

Money isn’t important or necessary for making influence and do good for others.

It is not money that truly makes an impact. Read back history of impactful people to know who they were.

Further, a person can buy materialistic items with money, even happiness for limited moments but never a peaceful heart because it is not inside wealth, health, influence or anything except one area (heart’s connection with creator of universe, Allah) where most people are disconnected so they have no peaceful heart, living in darkness of life and they are not even aware of it.

And, what when they die? Zero balance and fail result hereafter.

If above looks like a religious preaching message, re-consider your beliefs and mindset.