Why Personal Branding Sucks with Your Illusion

I didn’t know what the heck is personal branding until I realized it by spending time in the world of marketing, content writing and blogging.

I spent about 2 years in personal branding to craft myself and it always conflicted with my inner reality that I really wanted to be.

It was an endless war whether I should be a brand (the fake image of myself) or remain a real person who had been earning reputation based on helping people.

It was a headache for me. I was in need to get rid of this pain but I couldn’t figure out which way to go.

What will you do with all that money in bank if that cannot make you happy and you cannot enjoy as what you truly are?


Personal branding so-called “experts” suggest crafting your personality as a brand.

It is just an illusion of you packed in a prison.

It is never a real of you, not at all.

I read dozen of articles, watched lots of videos, practiced it myself and danced around this so-called “personal branding” which is nothing but a deception personality to only “take money” from the “people”, cut yourself off from them and lose your real happiness.

The real purpose of being brand is to focus on “money”, no care, and no real happiness.


Who don’t want to earn money? Obviously, we all want but at the cost of our happiness and true values? Not at all, at least not me.

Sure, you can buy many things with money but you cannot buy inner peace of heart.


Be yourself, be real to people, be connected to them, help them, earn reputation, build your real personality that you are, solve their problems the way you love to do, money will come for sure but with happiness and satisfaction.

In return, people will give you their insights, their pain, their problems, didn’t you want this all when invested your money on advertising, market research about audience?

You don’t really have to advertise, you need to engage with them.

This way, you can build your business around solving that problem with deep strong knowledge than your competitors.

I do this often and I can easily craft my articles, videos and courses connected deeply to my audience’s pain who talk about their issues, problems and struggles.

I don’t have to think about HOW TO EARN. I think about HOW TO HELP MORE so I try to engage myself with them.


Once you discover truth of deception then you won’t come back to this fake personality prison anymore, you will kick this out from your way.

Until you realize it truly, live in your prison of branding, waste your time on crafting yourself in an infinite loop.

I’m now relax, fine and happy. I listen problems, solve them and remain happy. If people care and like, they come to learn or buy.

You can’t imagine the happiness and satisfaction when they admire you, praise you and feel happy that someone listened to their pain at personal level.

How long have you been running through this pain?

What’s your experience until now?