The 4 Shortcuts of Unfair Advantage


Freelancing? Online Course? Article? YouTube Video? Web Development?

What are you trying to do?

Here are key points based on my experiences which you must care and practice if you want to stand out to win.

Writing Freelancing Proposal?

Your first starting paragraph is where you need to grab clients attention, so practice to make it perfect.

Making Online Course, or Writing an Article?

You need to master the craft of attention grabbing headlines, else no one will click to open it.

Making YouTube Videos?

Your headline + cover image is what attracts visitor to open your video, so practice to make it better.

Learning Web Development?

You need to keep your eyes on demanding skills mentioned in description of freelancing projects or jobs websites, so you remain aware of what skills you should focus and practice.

These are the keys, if you don’t care for getting these for free. You better deserve to waste your time on the internet and pay others to discover the same thing at the end.

Are you doing something else?