Confessions of a Dealer

For many years I’ve been dealing a drug…

For many years I've been dealing a drug.

Highly addictive; you must have it, it has to be replenished constantly, & if you can’t find it you’ll tear up everything until you have it. As the effect becomes slower, you upgrade to something faster. You use it to be social and you use it to fill the void. It’ll make you feel smarter, but your mind is distracted.

I've been dealing this for year and you haven’t realized. Its shown me sides of you that you’d never expect.

Shown me the joy you felt when you first used it and I've seen your anger when it just wasn't the same. You work hours and days to keep the habit alive. Its as powerful as you let it be and as destructive as it wants to be.

For years now I've been dealing smartphones.

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