Practicing Happiness To Boost Your Success

Everybody he/she wants to be success in life and also want to see happy his self / herself in every turn of life.There come a lot of problems in life many people lose there confident and become sad and they start think negative about their life as well as for others they also create negative mind. you cannot happy with out heaving positive always create positive mind to solve the problems.we should just ignore the mistakes of others and face the problems very positively and also create peace in our hurt to do kind on others.By this we can make happy to our self in every expect of life.

I got an idea from the ted talk of Shawn Anchor that changing the lens which means:

. The one you view the world with and your perception of the world

. 90% of your long term happiness is predicted by the way your brain processes the world you can control your lens

. 75% of your job success if predicted by your optimism therefore your attitude is super important at work .

5 steps to positive attitude:

for making good and positive attitude we should follow these steps

. Gratitude

. journaling

.. exercise

. meditation

. random act of kindness

I also follow some of these steps in my daily life which i want to share here


Everyday in the evening i go for exercise in the gym i spent there 30–40 minutes in exercising .The main benefit to me of exercise is that my mind become fresh i release my whole day tensions and it also raises the rate of my heart. You cannot just do exercise in gym because there are many other exercise in cardio activities like:




Morning walk etc.

Random act of kindness:

When we help for needy peoples they become happy and when they happy definitely we’ll also happy.

Today i did same thing of kindness .I was standing outside my home i saw an aged man coming on his feet and his bike was not starting . when he came near to me and asked him the reason of not starting the bike he told that he came here from very far and his bike is out of petrol and he has no money right now. I come inside my garage where my bike was parked.I pick up the bottle and take out petrol from my bike. I fill up the bottle and gave petrol to him.He felt very happy.He start his bike and went to his way.


My friend was slaping me again and again on my face while i was busy in making my project.I stopped him again again but he did not stop.i felt very angry because he was disturbing me but i did not show him. He also making fun like abuse at me but i just gave him smile.I take myself very positive and keep working on my project.He was trying to make me angry but i did not and stay positive and keep smiling.


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