Failures Are Actually Not Failures, But the Learning Steps

Until Oct, I didn’t know about Amal Fellowship. Our senior Tauseef Awan suggested us to apply for Amal Academy. After the whole procedure of recruitment, I was luckily selected. I think, that was my day. I learned so much knowledge and ways of spending life during my journey with Amal Family that I can’t explain in this blog. Besides interviews and job securing, I learned about principles of success, kindness, humility, empathy, purpose of life , how to turn failure to success and many more.

When someone try to do new things in life, at the beginning there are possibilities of failure three, four or even more times. In my personal life, first time I thought I failed was, when I was not able to clear my interview for internship in Engro Fertilizer Limited. I was really exhausted at that time. But after coming to Amal Academy, I realized that was not a failure. After that, I got the chance to re-evaluate myself , I found many flaws in myself that were main hurdle in my way to success and I might not be able to figure them out unless I failed. Obviously, the biggest failure of any one’s life is to give up and not learn from failures.


I think we should learn from every failure or adversity because these are actually not failures but learning steps. I mean I never took care of my attitude toward an adversity. Therefore, I am unable to share anything I would have learned from adversity.