Purpose of Life Is A Way You Journey

Before joining Amal Academy,my life’s purpose was just to get my degree and start a job in a well known industry. But never thought What is the really purpose of my life? What my life actually demands from me?

After learning from Amal, I came to know that degree is not more than a piece of paper unless I add values into my personality. Purpose of life is not just live for myself but also for others. Here in this world, it’s our duty to support and help others and it is also the purpose of our lives.

How to find the purpose of life?

If i talk to our professional aspect, we can fine the purpose of life by first identifying our interests. We are interested in those thing that don’t make us tired and we do that work without caring about earning.

After knowing our purpose, passion is the most important thing that lights our journey and we can get our purpose eventually.

The purpose of life is to live a life with purpose.

At the end I conclude that everyone should recognize his purpose of life and live according. And even God has created us with purpose.

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