10 goals for New Year 2017 and how to achieve them…

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Yes, I know it’s too early to think about coming new year 2017 goals. But as we all know sooner we start planning more we will have time to get prepared for it. I like to start planning my new years goals as early as possible and I love doing this. I read aims and objectives of famous and successful personalities from all over the world and pick out the bests for me and brain storm my way through them to figure out what works best for me. For year 2017 I have few plans in mind and I took some time not only to share this information with you but also to quench my writing thirst. Please do comment what you find best and interesting and share with me if you have any other plan in mind. I would really love to hear interesting plans from you too. Now enough of me and let’s get down to business. Below are 10 easy and interesting goals for coming soon 2k17.

  1. Read one book a month:

“A good book is best of friends, the same today and forever” — Martin Tupper

You can aim to read a book a month learning about different cultures, technology, behaviors, religion and beliefs. Mark Zuckerburg (founder of Facebook) had this new year goal for year 2k15 what he called ‘A year of Books’and you can read more about it here. Just surf through internet and find books that not only help you grow intellectually but also spiritually. You can find an amazing list here. Suggest books in comments which you think everyone should read.

2. Write an article a month:

‘Writing is the painting of voice’-Voltaire

You can try your hand at writing. Reading and writing help you grow intellectually and develop your personality for good. You can write about any thing you have in your mind and internet has millions of platform for newbies to expert writers. Trick is to just start and you will develop a sense with time. You can plan an article or blog a month or week or as you like to aim it. Topics and ideas of what to write about are available, you just have to surf for them or brain storm as I recommend.

3. Plan different for each month:

This way you will not get caught in rug. You can plan different objectives for each month like in January you select a book to read and in February write a detailed essay about that book or write any thing you want. Aim on telling not even a single lie in March and plan on loosing or gaining few pounds in April. Don’t smoke in May and don’t drink in June and so on. This way it will remain interesting through out the year and you don’t have to stick to single plan all along. To make it more interesting select hundred or so goals, write them on small pieces of papers and put em all in basket. Pick out one random one every month and you will have a surprise objective for that month.

4. Join a gym:

‘At first they will ask why you are doing this, later they will ask how you did this’-Anonymous

Going to gym for a whole year comes with eating healthy for complete one year. This is really difficult goal but to gain something you have to sacrifice another.Being healthy or fit isn’t fad or trend, it’s a life style. You don’t have to join gym compulsory for this objective. Task is to get healthy but you need some sort of continuity in that. Aim that you will jog for at least 30 mins or few fixed miles per day. Or you can set a goal to avoid eating junk food for complete one year. We can also include ‘give up a bad habit or pick up a good one’. Its all about being healthy whether mentally or physically.

5. Learn a new skill:

There are tons of skills that you can learn in coming year. It will not only help you progress your career but you can also learn a skill just for fun or make a financial improvement with it. Tons of skills are out there that you can manage to learn and boost your mental power and may be your financial career as well. Some skills are mentioned and you can always choose your own and comment below to share with others. You can do surfing, gardening, creativity projects, healthy cooking, photography, meditation, flower arranging, butchering and why not horseback riding. List goes on.

6. Develop healthy relations:

Tasks and responsibilities of job and earning money will only end with your breath. Let’s take a time and appreciate all lovely people in our lives. Make your you spend few hours a week or month with people who matter, who care about you and who you care about. Spend time with parents, siblings, friends and lovers. Fix every week for specific relation like spend few hours from first week of every month with parents, next with siblings, third with colleagues or friends and so on. You will be amazed by positive changes it will bring in your life.

7. Learn new language:

Learning new language will not only help you improve communication skills but it may open door to new wonderful opportunities for you. Your resume will be better looking with it. Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process.

8. Rise financially:

In most of the articles I read, word ‘debt’ was mentioned again and again. I can see importance of financial freedom. Start saving money, cut your expenses, spend less — save more and pay off all or most of your debts in 2k17. Financial freedom will relax your mind, help you concentrate for long term goals. All mentioned goals come along with lots of planning and sacrifices. Saving money, controlling desires etc will all come along with this particular goal. Just figure out what bests for you and stick to it.

9. Adopt a pet:

If you want to learn what responsibility is, adopt a pet. Care for it and take responsibility for it. It will help you analyze yourself if you are about to enter a relationship that demands you to be responsible. Whether you want to get married or thinking about having a child, standing in queue for first girlfriend or about to start a job. It will help to take a look at your present situation and what you need to improve it. You will learn new things and have wonderful experiences.

10. Get organized:

Life will get less complicated when all your stuff is organized and you will feel at ease. Its not about just rolling your clothes and putting them organized in a cupboard or arranging your book shelf in pattern but its about organizing each and every aspect of your life. Your routines, work, relationships, house and mind should be organized. You will be happy to see positive and fruitful results.

You can always add your own interests and share with other readers. Kindly point out any improvements and suggestions for my writing also. Thank you