Blackberry: No more smartphones, Concentrates on software

Image by: DailyTech

Recently, announcement has been made on behalf of blackberry that company will make no more smartphones. It doesn’t mean that blackberry has said good-bye to smartphones.

Blackberry concentration on software:

Company has signaled that they will concentrate more on software rather than hardware. It means that Blackberry will work along with other smartphone manufacturing companies. A fresh example of this is a recently introduces smartphone DTEK50, which is in-fact manufactured by Chinese company Alcatel, but has a brand stamp of blackberry.

Image by: Blackberry

Blackberry which is famous for its smartphones decorated with complete keyboard and most secured enterprise messaging services , has been falling down since last few years. However according to new strategy Blackberry’s highest priority will be developing highly secured android operating system and its applications.

According to CEO John Chain, Blackberry will not develop smartphones but the features inside it.

Time will tell whether this new strategy will e successful or not. But I’m happy that Blackberry didn’t say goodbye to smartphone industry. I hope after developing most secured smart phone operating system, Blackberry will regain its lost value in market.