F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

There’s so much hate in these comments, and coming from another 20s-something “veteran” with over a decade of professional experience (making 6-figures, no less), I’m pretty fed up with the interview process as well. So many people are quick to tell you off, and while I may disagree in some areas, it’s a great indication of how terrible corporate interviews are. My colleague and I discussed this recently and said how once you’re into those big corporate companies, it’s nearly impossible to be fired, so sometimes a bit “ridiculous” interviewing process is in order.

My experience was nearly the opposite. I’ve only had maybe 2 out of 100 applications that were ever rejected. 99% of the time I’ve interviewed, I’ve received offers (and even counter offers). And this isn’t small companies, Disney, Blizzard, Google, Facebook, Sony, Fox Sports, Yahoo. Amazon was the only time I’ve had an experience like you, and I told off the interviewer in person. Mind you, this was nearly 4–5 years ago, I had an ActionScript developer testing my JavaScript knowledge (for lead JS dev over at Amazon’s A2Z). After he criticized my whiteboard algorithm code for not working, I told him to take a picture and run it in Chrome, and that I guarantee 100% it works. He simply said “I think I know enough about JavaScript that it doesn’t work”… I was one of 20 people there, and the only person with casual attire. After telling him to F off, the director and managers loved talking to me, and reached out to me saying they didn’t understand why the 1 person out of 5 didn’t want to work with me (I proceeded to explain what happened and that I wasn’t interested in working for a company that interviews like that).

At this stage of my career, if I have to do theoretically whiteboard challenges, I politely excuse myself and tell them I’m no longer interested. Thankfully, the past 10+ interviews, I rarely have had to “prove” myself anymore. My resume has enough big names and general “garbage” for them to no longer waste my time. Even Blizzard had one of the easiest interview processes despite what people have claimed.

Good luck in your ventures, Sahat!

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