Cell in School!!!

Everyone feel that their schoollife is great and they have some of the most memorable days spend there for me its no different but in other way round.
So folks here i go..........

Misfortunes come uninvited and unexpected and they never come singly they always come in battalions as in my case.
Frankly speaking schoollife was all Greek to me, i was careless, relaxed or may be a witted moron for taking mobiles in school.

It was during my 10th class Sarfraz,Danish and I(3 genuine idiots, very different from R. Hirani's flick for They were wise idiots and we were true ones) use to take cell phone in school.Not only us their were many but we were the three who got caught.It was the last boring lecture of that day and we were excited about going home.Lecture finished easily andwe were in our bus driving just a little distance when our driver told us their is some problem with bus.We all got down.It was a beautiful day and everyone took out their cell phones clicking selfies but none of us notice our school teacher had just passed from their and she saw us.We all were afraid and had decided if next day that teacher asked us whose mobile was that,we were going to say it was our driver's.

The next day that teacher entered our class in a leisure period.She saw us smiled and then said... ''Bus broke down,What a background?''....We understood clearly that it was about us but we didn't stand up confessing.Now almost everybody in my class knew that i have a cell phone and their were few more who had but no one knew about them.the news was spreading like a forest fire and i was afraid,if it reaches to other teachers or principal i will be in a big trouble but that day went easily as i was out of school and i was amazed that no one caught me.....

As they say a leopard can not change his spots, so was with us,we took our mobile to school the next day too.the period were just passing by the same and after sometime it was our lunch time.i was doing my lunch happily that whole of my class knows i have a mobile but none told that to teachers and I was called by one of my teacher.i kept my lunch aside and went their but i dont know what was going to come?That teacher asked me if i have a mobile.I clearly said no but she forced me to show my bag and as an innocent student i gave my bag to the teacher and their was nothing in my bag other than books.she asked me show my pockets but their was nothing to be found.she noticed the nervousness on my face and saw that i have also got a tiffin bag and i was like what the hell did she eat that morning??? was she a super cop, a CID official, Jason Bourne or James bond???she found my mobile and also that of other two idiots.she submitted it to our principal and we were asked to take it from him.we went to principal and we pushed danish in front.our principal asked,why do you bring mobiles???and danish answered it ,to click photos and i and sarfraz were like are u drunk.what are you answering??we realized it was our biggest mistake to put him in front...our principal checked his mobiles gallery he has some of his photos.then he asked us to leave without giving mobiles.we apologized him and said we will never do it again.then he said i will give the mobile but what would i get??it was clear that he was asking for the other names who got mobile and i know some names,i quickly said 'i can give u more names' then he took us to our class asked us to say names and check their bags...and he got few more mobile phones.but as that was not enough he said you can get your mobile phones if you bring your parents but we spent half and hour after the school apologizing him to get our mobile.he gave us the last warning or we can say it first also.that if we bring mobile again we are getting T.C.(transfer certificate).we collected our mobiles and went home.

The next day we took our mobile to the school again as they say leopards can never change their spots....😆😆
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