Vaccinating Ourselves From Local Courts
Pamela Morgan

pamela , i love your work. i hope you attended iofa and are friends with the gentlemen at hexayurt capital and sweetbridge. i’ve been following this whole thing as an investor, futurist and disgruntled banking lawyer since 2013 , and since people were talking about the ‘future’ of arbitration for 4 years now i’ve learned more about how deeply stuck our socio-legal psychology is in the mud of previous technological regimes.

we aren’t even beginning to understand the true legal solutions to facilitating the world that these technologies can enable. and counter to what most technologists assume, an appropriate legal course to the future is not set, not inevitable, and not a byproduct of technology pushing forward in the blockchain space.

Abstraction of value , recording of title, and resolution of dispute is at the very heart of law, of the kings court, of decision making bodys, of parliaments, and of the decision process for groups.

law making and the design of modern bureaucracy is at the very heart of any creative process that even begins to attempt to chart an appropriate legal course.

libertarian technopunk anarchism aside, technological innovation at this scale must chase and invest in legal innovation if the technology is to be maximized rather than boxed in by not-so vestigial legal systems that can fail to evolve, or even stagnate further over coming decades.

thank you very much.

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