Hotelied Saying Goodbye

Zeev Sharon
Nov 30, 2016 · 2 min read

Dear Hotelied members, partners and friends,

The time has come to say goodbye. After an exciting and rapid 3.5 years, Hotelied will be shutting down today. As the CEO, I of course hoped for a different outcome, but am nevertheless proud of the work we have done.

My Co-Founder, Nick Colletti, and I started this journey with a dream. We envisioned building a hotel booking platform that would enable travelers to unlock personal discounts at some of the best hotels in the world. The idea was simple: if you travel more often than the average traveler, spend more at hotels than average or are more influential than average, you should get a better hotel rate than the average traveler. It’s a win-win: travelers save money, and hotels attract guests who will return more often, spend more during their stay, and create free marketing on social media.

What started as an obscure idea quickly grew into an impressive startup. We assembled a rockstar team of talented, creative, and hard-working individuals, raised money from incredibly supportive and insightful investors, partnered with over 450 of the world’s top hotels, got featured in the biggest media outlets around the globe, and most importantly, attracted an impressive membership base. Our members believed in us and placed millions of dollars in hotel bookings on Hotelied — and they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on their stays.

While we all worked hard towards the goal of building a large sustainable business, we were ultimately unable to get the unit economics to work with the resources and time we had, thus leading to our decision to close.

Nonetheless, I personally have no regrets. I’m very grateful for the company, team, product, and service that we built and know that thousands and thousands of happy new memories were made on trips that were booked on Hotelied. That’s a pretty cool thought — the idea that we had a part in making travelers’ trips a little extra special.

With that, I’d like to thank you again for all your support and hope to be in touch in the future.

All the best,

Zeev Sharon
Co-Founder & CEO

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