Announcing the Official ZEEW ICO Launch Date

On-Demand delivery on blockchain, 14th of May 2018

Wow! We are extremely proud to announce May 14th, 2018, as the official date of our ICO.

We have been touched by the tremendous community support we have received from our +1,000 investors in pre-sale, Telegram group and across our social media channels.

We are building an active global community and want you to participate in the continued growth of Zeew and follow us on our journey towards disruption of $215 Billion on-demand delivery industry.

ICO Details

The community has spoken and we have listened: ZEEW Hard Cap set at $11,000,000 USD

We have allowed contributions starting from 25th April, 2018, with discount conditions. We listened to the community and now we are enhancing the participate terms with 45% bonus instead. All contributions which were done between 25th April — 2nd of May will be credited with the bonus offer of 45%. for example if you purchased 100 tokens you will get 145 ZEEW tokens.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Zeew can be scaled globally. Following this logic, we want to encourage as wide a distribution of people as possible to participate in our ICO on May 14th.

Therefore, there will be no minimum investment for smart contract contributions. ZEEW tokens can be reserved at a starting rate of $1 USD (one dollar) +40% Bonus tokens for the first two weeks of the crowd sale.

All rounds can be viewed on our website

About ZEEW

Zeew which is the sound of something moving super fast like “Zeeeeew”, is on-demand delivery platform built on top of the ethereum blockchain that enables small & medium businesses to delivery packages in minutes, anyone can use their own car/bicycle/scooter to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere. And we did not stop there.

We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here? “Steve jobs”.

Zeew plans to revolutionize the the $215 Billion industry to enable delivery using robots, drones & AI. Zeew platform is commercially available today for consumers to order their instant delivery, currently there are over 200 couriers working on Zeew platform

Uses of ZEEW token

ZEEW as Payment
Clients, Couriers and business

ZEEW token is the only way to access executive discounts and premiums on the platform. Business need tokens to pay for the ads. Couriers receive
bonuses in Token.
ZEEW as Reward
Clients and Couriers.
Zeew gives ZEEW tokens to those who contribute and bring people
on the platform.
ZEEW as Stake
Clients, Businesses and couriers
ZEEW token can be staked to access features functions that are only accessible with ZEEW tokens.

Use cases

90% of business companies don’t have expertise in IT, e-commerce, AI, chatbots, apps, logistics and marketing.

This is where Zeew, comes in with all-in-one solution for businesses to join its platform.

Our Goal

Zeew is convinced that blockchain technology combined with smart contracts will be the core engine for the long-term delivery industry.

The creation of the ZEEW tokens is the first step in building a system of incentives and rewards to drive network effects in Zeew platform.

Investment opportunity

$215B Target Market

Even a 1% of the total market would make Zeew a 2.15 B worth company. With the recent innovative technological innovations and experienced team we are aiming for much more.

Increased Demand & Value for the Tokens

ZEEW token value growth is driven by the growth of the platform. There will be 5 utilities of the Token on the platform, which will create network effects and each will increase tokens demand exponentially. Full details

Based on real product and real team

Backed by real angel investors and government grant

Zeew is proud winner of: 
(1) LatBAN pitch competition
(2) MITA Malta Innovation grant
(3) Startupwiseguys Investment
(4) WeXelerate batch II in Vienna

Zeew has offices in Malta and Latvia

How to Participate?

Now that you know the date, and the hard cap, you can get prepared for the launch by opening ZeewWallet! We have consulted with top legal advisors from the best law firms in Malta to ensure the smoothest procedure possible for our contributors. Our KYC process is AI powered and takes less than 30 seconds to verify you. KYC can be done until the end of our ICO. Check dates.

Please follow us on social media to keep abreast of the latest Zeew ICO news and development.

Thank you for your continued support!

Kind Regards,




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