How to Create Your Ethereum Address

ZEEW Tokens are smart contracts created on Ethereum network and are ERC20 compatible. Owner is able to store ZEEW’s on any Ethereum address in any ERC20 compatible Wallet from which owner controls the private key.

In this post we will explain how to create new Ethereum Address and receive private key for it. If you are Newbie, please, read this very carefully, there is no way to recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions.

The easiest way to create new Ethereum Address is to use website:

A word of warning! Most of modern browsers are using SSL to protect users from fraud sites. Check that the connection is SSL protected, you see green lock at the url and the url is correct. You should see something like this:

SSL protected website

To create new Ethereum Address you would click New Wallet on top of page.

Create New Wallet

Type your password here. It should be complex enough to protect your Wallet. We recommend to use password generator to create strong password. We prefer to generate and securely store passwords.

Save Your Keystore File

Next you will be offered to download Keystore File. This file should be secured. If you will loose or someone will stole this file you may loose all your funds stored on this address. Be aware of malicious/phishing sites, never share this file with anyone. Do not keep it on Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever.

Your Private Key

This is the most important step. You will get Private Key for your address. It will be used to access your Ethereum Address, wether it will be online or from any kind of other wallet software. If you will loose this key, it can’t be recovered. You can print it and keep it in, for example, in bank deposit box, where your real values are kept. We keep our keys in

Never, never make photo of this screen with your phone, never take screenshots nor send this Private Key by email, messenger or sms.

Your wallet info

Now when you have Ethereum Address and Private Key you can access your Address Info. Select View Wallet Info from top oа page, choose access method as Private Key and type your key from last step to red box. If Private Key was entered correctly the box will turn green.

Another word of warning! Check URL and SSL connection twice before entering Private Key. Also try not to enter Private Keys on untrusted devices

Your Ethereum Address

Now you can see your Ethereum Address and it’s current balance. You can register this address or send it to Zeew.

As well if you purchase ZEEW Tokens using this address then ZEEW tokens will be transferred to this wallet automatically by the smart contract.

This Ethereum Address is stored on Ethereum Network and will remain untill Ethereum Network exists. The only thing you need to access it Private Key/Keystore File and proper online or software wallet.

As it is regular Ethereum Address any ERC20 compatible tokens can be sent to it.

And now it is time to join ZEEW and buy some ZEW Tokens. ;)