Why it is a better option to hire a Shuttle from King Shaka airport?

Hiring a private shuttle to airport is a better idea than driving your own car or using a street taxi that do not conform to the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities. If you still hire them you are likely to be delayed on the way when traffic cops make unexpected inspections and find the vehicle violating rules. If you are in Durban and have to catch a flight at the King Shaka International you will have to cover a distance of about 40kms from the centre of the city and at permissible speeds you can do it in 31 minutes and that is if there is no traffic snarl or other obstacles encountered on the airport route. The time scale will be achieved by professional drivers as they are experienced and know the route to the airport well. Shuttle from King Shaka Airport has two routes to complete the journey and they are through N2 which will be 39.8 KMs and via N2 and M4 that measures 33.7 KMs.

The distance and the time must be utilized well so you must take a shuttle from King Shaka airport and not a black car or your own personal vehicle. You are probably tired after a long flight and won’t feel like driving and the fatigue may drive you to commit mistakes which you would like to happen. On the other hand the black car with its all shortcomings will probably land you in trouble and the drivers of those vehicles tend to be evasive about the fares and overcharging you after they drop you at our destination. This is risky business and better avoided to have peace of mind and reach home safely.

The shuttle services operating between the city and the airport are a better option as they are professional and the journey is handled by expert drivers who are impeccably attired and well behaved. You don’t have to instruct them on the route map as they use sophisticated satellite tracking devices. Zaf Travels based in Durban is one of the most resourced shuttle service that run between the King Shaka and the various zones of the city and you can book our services by calling the number 084 505 4789.

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