A plea to our Community Management Company

Good Morning,

Hopefully I’m reaching out to the correct parties to address an issue we’re having in our community. Please also understand, up front, that I’ve CC’ed Baltimore County Code Enforcement, as I believe my issues may fall under their jurisdiction, as well.

My issues are, once again, with the tenants in the house directly connected to mine, and the property residing at, [REDACTED].

At approximately 2000 Hours on 11-FEB-16, as my wife was busy putting our son to bed, I heard crunching sounds coming from outside on our back deck. Imagine my surprise when I found, upon checking out the back door, that there was somebody climbing over my neighbor’s deck (the house at [REDACTED]) and onto my deck (the crunching sound was feet landing on snow). Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the person climbing over the deck was one of the newest renters in [REDACTED], walking across my deck. I flipped on my light and stuck my head out of the door to ask him what he was doing, at which point in time he attempted to make his way toward my sliding deck door, until realizing that he was not at the correct house. He then informed me that he was locked out of the house at [REDACTED], and hopped over my deck railing, onto the deck of [REDACTED].

This situation made my wife extremely uncomfortable and I’m completely at a loss on what to do with this house, and it’s residents, and am desperately pleading for your help. We no longer feel safe in our own home, as not even fences and high decks make it safe to live there. Last night was an obvious example of how easily someone could have gotten to our back door, broken in, and presented a threat to me and my family. Perhaps he presented no actual threat to us, but if not him, then perhaps someone else.

At the time, I did not feel it necessary to involve the police, feeling that contacting them would have only resulted in having to press charges for trespassing, and spend some time in court (which would have made living next to these folks a lot more uncomfortable), or the more likely result of…probably nothing happening. Honestly, the thought didn’t cross my mind until much later, because I was legitimately flabbergasted that someone had the stones to actually do what he had done. I honestly believe that the resident, who also appeared inebriated, thought that what he was doing was completely acceptable, and saw no issues with his confusion.

During the snowstorm that occurred a few weeks ago, I got to talking to the most consistent (and longest) renter of the unit, and was informed by him that the owners of the property, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], were no longer even living in the country. The resident I was speaking to ([REDACTED]) informed me that [REDACTED] had appointed him as the “Assistant Landlord” and that [REDACTED]was now responsible for finding tenants, establishing their rental agreement, and enforcing and collecting rent.

This is where I believe that their may be a Baltimore County Rental Code violation, although I admittedly do not know what paperwork has been submitted to the county with regards to rental agreements. At present, there appears to be 3 separate rental “groups” in this property. A single male, a second single male of no relation, and a third couple, who I do not believe are married. From what I understand, Baltimore County law prohibits more than two unrelated adults from living together unless the unit is authorized by the county as a rooming or boarding house.

I want to be straight with you all on this. I get that trash, and parking, and missing shingles are all a part of living in a neighborhood. I can deal with the fact that their gutters aren’t cleared out and drench their front porch every time it rains (or create a deathtrap when it freezes into stalactite-sized icicles), and that they leave car covers sitting next to their front door for a solid year. But some sort of accountability has to be had for this property. Its residents openly admit that the owner only cares about collecting a check, and couldn’t care any less about living conditions.

With my homeowners fees climbing every year, I often look at this property, and see the actions of its constant rotation of tenants, and wonder why I even bother paying them. Every time that I come home and have to rush my year old son past the chain-smoking that takes place out front, or can’t go out on my back deck because of the inconsiderate third renter who stands out back and smokes and talks on the phone all day, I get closer and closer to trying to find a new place to live. Every door slam that happens late at night, every public outside fight, laced with four letter expletives, that happens outside of my window, and every time I have to find a new parking spot because of an excess of vehicles, I wonder what my HOA fees are really going to, and why I even let my bank deduct that amount each month.

Please. We’re doing our best to tolerate things, because we realize that we can’t pick our neighbors, but it truly is getting to the boiling point.

Help us.

Thank you for your time,



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