Please Self Comparing Me, Myself

I graduated from best business and economics school in Indonesia, which mean all of the best student from all over Indonesia study there. I counted myself could be accepted there because I was lucky, maybe when the test took time the more smarter and talented student got sick so when I took the test I got accepted there. Honestly I’m nothing compare to any other college mate, they are super smart, super talented, super etc. I could survive because I worked really hard to be able to survive, considering I’m not as talented as any other friends. Let me give me example, if my friend could understand certain topic with only reading material in 1 hour, I should read that material 2–3 hours so I could understand. even though, I’m not as smart as them at least I try really hard to be able to survive.

Now, I’ve graduated for one year, I’ve just recently quit my permanent job (not so satisfactory right). Not like my other friends who have settled job or job that they really want, I quit because I think my previous job is not give enough value added for me (not stimulate me to keep learning and challenged). If I kept that job I would be okay basically, I could pay my own bills, I could’ve status as employed graduate. But the reason I quit not based on short-term consideration, but I’d seen a long term impact that will hopefully open up wider opportunity. For example, while I’m waiting my new job in research I can prepare for IELTS test, GRE test, and enhance my related skill in research.

I don’t have a job right now, but I still try really hard to be a better person to make myself adequate for my dream job. even so, when I see my media social indirectly I compare myself with my other friends who have settled job, get their own dream job, have happier social life (family, friends, etc). I feel myself as a disappointment, but then I realize that every people have their own stages of quality. I mean my successful friends have prepared their life since earlier time than me. So It’s better just enjoy the moment of improvement and keep moving forward to be a better person than yesterday. From now on It’ll be enough to compare myself with yesterday’s self, I hope I could be a better person from time to time.