The Right One…

I know now, when I find what I’m doing is not the right one for me. I understand now the terms of I hate Monday that many people always quacking about. Unfortunately I know that this job is not for me since the first time I apply to that job. You might think that I’m crazy, to choose a job that you obviously know that it’s not match with my heart. Anyway I choose that decision so that I’m able to try another taste of the world by myself and not take it for granted to anything I like doing by my heart.

I really like teaching, since it can make me an indescribable feeling of satisfaction when I succeed to make my students understand about something that I try to teach them. Beside that, I find they enthusiastic and energized to study in the class make me feel like have a million dollar. Believe me, I’m not super genius or anything, but I’ll do 3 times read the same chapter from different books so I can give my student deep understanding about the material. I didn’t even do that much efforts for myself when I was a student.

It’s been work at foreign bank in Jakarta for more than a month now, but by the time I started my first day I’ve known that this kind of job is not for me. I don’t feel myself satisfied about what I’m doing now, beside I felt my potential I have not been maximized. I think to have a job in financial industry is a big thing in term of security and everything. anyway from my perspective life is not solely about how much money you can earn, but I think how can you using your skill and abilities to give value added to other human being.

We are human, even we have graduated from college, we are continuously evolving to learn something new (depend on where your environment are). I want have a job that I do because I love to do it, which not only stimulating me to learn for good mean but also disseminate it so another people can have value added from it and we can also learn from other people. I don’t want to trapped on doing thing I don’t passionate about. so I’ll feel content, happy and satisfied with my life when my older version of me look back to what I’ve done. If you realize you don’t like what current condition you have then take action about it, don’t only whining about it. since whining definitely won’t take you anywhere out of misery.

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