The End of Women
Kitten Holiday

In response to an earlier comment, the generalization tone used in expressing your points is precisely the problem. Your counterpoint that this “brevity” is your “style of writing” leads to stigmatization of those who don’t conform to the mold, which in your case is a woman who ‘complements’ a man.

The modern women should be able to do both, as feminism is about expanding the scope of life choices available to all women. This does not mean a woman cannot be ‘feminine’, it just means a woman can also exude ‘masculine’ qualities. Both are perfectly fine! Giving the latter woman that choice does not prevent you from being feminine. The danger of generalistic statements is that you can sound like you are speaking for all womenkind even when you don’t intend to, and that when propogated and repeated they result in the growing perception that only one choice is acceptable, which leads to stigmatization or worse.

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