“Voting Buddy” Pledge: Get 5 Non-Voters to Register and Vote!

This is pretty simple and straightforward: at the last general election turnout was 66.4%, which means a very large number of people, disproportionately the young, did not vote. Given that the political views of young voters skew toward the left — polls show 55% of students plan to vote Labour — even a 5% increase in the turnout will have a drastic effect on the outcome.

So here’s what I will do and what I hope you will do as well. Over the coming days I’ll go around my neighborhood and ask people if they voted in the last general election, and if they plan to vote in the upcoming one. I will find 5 people who said they did not vote, try to persuade them to register and vote this time, and — this is important — ask them to give me their contact information (preferably mobile phone number as that is more personal) so that I can make sure they actually do register and vote. Over the next four weeks I will then regularly check in with them to make sure they go through with it.

You can call this the “voting buddy” project. And I want you all to participate as well, alongside all the other electioneering activities you might be doing.

Find 5 people who did not vote in the last general election— whether it’s people around in your neighborhood or your friends or your family members — and be their “voting buddy”! If enough of us do this, it can and will have a big impact, and we might just see a Corbyn-led Labour government on June 9th.

Also, help spread this message among your fellow activists!