An Open Letter: Make It Home

It’s 12:14 am and I’m awake. I didn’t even try to sleep. I have something on my mind.

I have you on my mind.

Yes you my fellow Dubai expat. You who has left your country, your parents, your siblings, your familiar streets and narrow alleys, your neighborhood bakery with its freshly baked breads, your neighbors, your town market hustling with people, your local newspaper with all its flaws and misconceptions, your favorite diner where everyone knows your name…

I’m up thinking of you because we’re in this together.

We came to this city, this booming haven and cultural melting pot for the same reason. You might have convinced yourself that there are many reasons, all logical, all mature and responsible from safety to schools to quality of life…but the truth is, we packed and we left and we came for one reason: To pursue our professional ambitions. You’re here because you’re up every morning doing something you didn’t have the chance to do back home. You might have joined a company you always dreamed of being part of or set up your own firm or store or restaurant or center. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You couldn’t be here.

And while we’re in this together, my professional ambition has become my personal ambition. I aspire to bring us closer together, to make us familiar, to give you back a piece of your home, to offer us a way to connect on a pure level through our experiences.

We already are very similar. We’ve all left behind the same sentimental connections we had to the places we grew up in and the people we knew and we’re all here for the same reason. We might as well acknowledge this relationship we have to one another. We now share our lives. We didn’t choose each other, but here we are in this city together and the more we share, the more we will realize, we’re not that bad of an alternative to all those familiar faces we left behind.

Yes you came here to work and. if you’re lucky that can be what lights your fire but no professional fulfillment can beat the enjoyment we receive from building human ties and sharing meaningful experiences. So go on, find an experience you’ll love with Citigoers and share it with the people of this city. Make it home.