The right to be a woman .

I was not born to fill some roles. I was not born to follow a predetermined path and I shall never walk one. I am my own path , my own intersections and my own steps.

Freedom , I think , is just an echo in a society that admits rights but doesn't seem to acknowledge them on the real field . I refuse to kneel down in front of a society that offers me illusions of dreams and stands in the way of who I want and aspire to be . I refuse to turn into what society calls a normal person . You see , Society has a tendency to bombard you with questions but it never seem to hear your answers and here lays a problem . I am a silent person ,and in a society that promotes all kinds of useless gibberish , such personality trait is a curse because it’s at that moment when people start to fill your silence with their own interpretations and thoughts. Being troubled by judgments and behind the back talks is worse than being troubled by death itself.

I am 22 and I have rights.

I am 22 and I have the right to travel alone. I am 22 and I have the right to go out at night without having to think about a billion of possibilities. I am 22 and I can live alone. I am 22 and I can go to sea by myself. I am 22 and I can say no to a man even if it is my own father. I am 22 and capable of taking my own decisions. I am 22 and I don’t need to find myself another half. I am 22 and I am whole .

Every woman should overpower herself and not a man and is narrow -minded who believes that women ought to confine themselves to cooking , cleaning and raising children. Condemning them because they took a road different than the one pronounced by custom is nothing but ignorant and thoughtless.

Not falling in the set of stereotyped expectations of others is a must. Believing in a chance to altering the status quo is a must . Trusting yourself is a must . We are not the gates to a body but rather to a bright mind and to a passionate soul .

In the end , Remember, definitions belong to the definers, not those defined . So be one . Be a definer.