The Truth Inside Of Me

The truth I know is inside of me.

The truth I believe is inside of me.

Can it be true & not real?

The truth that amazes me.

Always trying to get it out of me.

Never on paper or in words, stuck in there like a lost reality…

The truth that keeps haunting me.

Everyone telling otherwise but I know it’s inside of me.

Do I believe them or believe in myself?

Some say believe your heart but, what if that means becoming insane?

Isn’t it risky? I am fearful.

Not anymore dear god. If I’m stubborn, I’ll be stubborn this way.

They see a world I don’t want to see.

They tell me things I should believe… I won’t believe.

They say I’m insane but who says their brains are better than mine?

Legends are created out of singularity…

Legend or not, that’s not my priority.

What is it? Maybe following That Truth Inside Of Me.



-Zeïneb.J ©️