#⃣Self-Confidence Through Preparation #⃣

1⃣Speaker confident when a real message in his head and heart-an inner urge to speak.

You have to know what you will say and continue idea when breaks. Well prepared speech 90% of all work.

2⃣What is the preparation? Do not memorize all things. Real preparation consists in digging something out of yourself, in assembling and arranging your own thoughts.

3⃣Try to manufacture a speech in thirty minutes. A speech can’t be cooked to order like a steak. A speech must grow. Discuss with friend etc. Collect questions about this topic also write on paper. idea, illustrations, suggestions all of it method of Lincoln. Successful speaks use this method.

4⃣On next step go to library collect information etc.

5⃣Also helpful to you will method of L.Burbank. It is use one or two good materials.

6⃣Last one use methods of A.Dunn and I.Tarbell.

It is necessary each time to prepare for possible so that we can forget the information. Naturally, each address is unique, and therefore, requires individual preparation. For each statement you must choose the original material, to form its own structure, orient all stages of the speech on a specific audience.

✅All this six steps will 💯% help to be successful speaker and good luck👍

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