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Smart timelapse cameras for visual storytelling.


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At ZEITDICE INC. we believe that important stories can’t be told because of the lack of capable capturing devices. That’s why we made it our mission to make easy to use tools & services that enable people not just to capture time easily but also to study, share and experience it in a better way.

On this mission, we so far invented the ZEITDICE, a device that makes it super easy for anybody to capture long periods of time and experience the fascinating stories that are revealed by our devices.

Product Description

ZEITDICE INC. makes cameras that can capture up to three months on a single battery charge to produce mesmerizing timelapse videos, ready for sharing on social media. The innovative combination of affordable hardware and cloud based software enables the creative industries to share more captivating stories with their audiences through the push of one button.


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  • Michael Schwanzer, CEO, Founder, michael@zeitdice.com


  • Michael Schwanzer, Founder & CEO
  • Michael built his first Software as a Service (SaaS) company during grammar school in rural Austria after repeatedly being asked for help to “make a website”. He grew the self-service platform to 50,000 users and sold it before graduating from college to finance his academic studies in England. During his computer science studies he launched openIdeas, a crowd collaboration platform that won the prestigious CISCO Austria Award in Vienna. After immigrating to Canada in 2011, Michael started freelancing in Toronto and eventually joined New York based MegaphoneTV as a Senior Developer to implement an Interactive TV SaaS platform now used by Emmy winning programs. ZEITDICE INC. was founded in late 2015 with the mission to to enable machine learning from visually recognizable patterns and suggest more efficient processes. The startup immediately got accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab’s 4th Cohort and the CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST Network Connect program. Michael is also an alumni of the NEXT Founders program.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/mschwanzer

Additional Info

We got inspired by the Timeular Media Kit on medium! They have a great product for time tracking, also starts with ZEI :)

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