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Most of the fundamentals on studying generations derive from the theories of two American historians, William Strauss and Neil Howe, and their theories were originally conceived considering only the American population.

With globalisation and its large impact on the formation of taste and cultural references, the idea was increasingly used around the world to describe groups according to what was happening in the world when their identities were shaped (culture, technology, economy, how to raise children, etc.).

As we’ve seen plenty of confusion and disinformation on the subject, we’ve picked four of the most common misconceptions and how we get…

Even though Brazilians are commonly known for being individualistic (“jeitinho”, etc.), we’ve been observing some signs of transformation on several levels pointing to a valuation of collectivity, specially when this concerns dealing with the problems of the country.

Starting from a macro perspective, Folha has published a quantitative study on ideological aspects of Brazilians, where we can find some interesting conclusions. The first observation is that opinions on specific issues (such as gun control, for example) do not necessarily reflect political affiliation, which suggests Brazilians, contrary to the US, for example, examine each of those issues individually, on less ideological…


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