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Your brand is one of your most important business assets. For consumers, your strong brand provides peace of mind, reducing risk and providing safety in a crowded marketplace. For business, your strong brand builds value, which is critical for meeting your corporate strategic goals. As published by Reuters in 2014, “In a Pitchbook survey about sourcing private equity deal flow, 82% of respondents see brand strength as becoming increasingly important for key stakeholders, including investors, CEOs of target companies, lenders, the media, and potential employees.”

The Importance of Brand Tracking — now more than ever!

With a global pandemic disrupting social norms and shattering economies, it is more important than ever that you make the investment in Brand Tracking to understand how your brand is being impacted. Brand tracking allows you to monitor and identify emerging vulnerabilities and weaknesses in brand health, to compare your brand to competitors, and to identify emerging shifts in consumer preference and behavior. Brand tracking helps you to evaluate and understand the impact of marketing actions, including the measurement of ad awareness. …

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Traditionally, the marketing research industry developed around delivering customized services and there is still a place for this. However, the fact of the matter is that most marketing research projects include a large portion of time and effort put into processes that we can streamline across typical projects. Customer satisfaction, concept, and message testing, brand tracking, value proposition research, ad testing, logo, and name testing — all of these project types and more lend themselves to productization. Despite client demand for faster and less expensive research, productized services have not been widely available in marketing research until recently.

At Zeitgeist Research, we approach market research thoughtfully and find ways to make market research better for our clients. One of those ways is productized market research services. …


Manfred Bluemel / Zeitgeist Research

Manfred Bluemel is the CEO and Founder of Zeitgeist Research, a full-service boutique consumer insights and market research agency.

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